MP3文件的ID3 Tag是什么?

What is ID3 Tag

ID3 is a very popular audio file data tagging format in active use by software and hardware developers around the world. ID3 tags are supported in software such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, YME, MusicMatch and hardware players like the iPod, Creative Zen, Toshiba Gigabeat and Sony Walkman.

An ID3 tag is a metadata container most often used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format, ID3 tags allows information such as the title, artist, album, track, year, cover picture or other information about the file to be stored in the file itself.

Software applications such as WavePad Audio Editor, juke box applications and portable music devices such as iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone read and display ID3 tag information and allow you to organize your music by, among other things, genre, artist and year.





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